1. Dear Women,

    Last month Cameron Russell’s TEDx talk about luck, legacy, and media access went viral. One of the reasons the talk has been so popular is that a critical discussion of women & mass media is long overdue. How are different groups of women depicted? Who is ignored in the news? And what do we have to do — and not do — in order to be seen and heard? We can only have an honest and constructive conversation if we listen to many different voices. So we launched a collaborative project, a media experiment.

    This is an open call for submissions by women: What would you say if you had access to mass media?

    Share your data, video, story, diary page, oped, poster, confession, photograph, drawing, or solution. Submissions should be 250-500 words and/or art images.

    Send submissions to MEDIA@THEBIGBADLAB.COM.

    Our goal is to provide YOU with:

    • Access to photographers, directors, artists, graphic designers, and editors who can make this work competitive in our image saturated environments
    • Access to the mass media outlets who can publicize it.

    We can’t promise to work with every submission, but we will get to as many as we can.

    And of course, please forward this call to other great women.

    Thank you,

    Cameron Russell (Sharon De La Cruz, Megan Eardley, Twanna Hines, Spectra Speaks, Neelika Jayawardane, Jamia Wilson, & Christina Xu)

    *Boring Request: previously published content must come with permission from the previous outlet

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    Cameron Russell, the model behind the viral TEDx talk, is using the media attention around her (pretty damn insightful)...
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